Winter Shower

At somewhere faraway,
but close from you
Over the winter shower,
Softly falling down into our hands
from the light layers of vapor

As we row miles
across the river upstreams,
as it slowly descends into the heart of the mountains

Flowing to the sound
As the soft breeze comes and goes,
Over the darkening sky
With the canvas slowly painted
darker and darker,
with birds passing
right over our eyes

Then as the light fades over the horizon,
we stop for a night,
As you cannot take another step
while watching over the night sky
with the stars say ‘Hello’
I smile, as I look into your eyes

It may seem as if the road is
without a sight
But we both know that
we should just move on, on and on,
cause we cannot go back,
as the memories flashback

As we row miles
across the river upstream
Looking into mountains
Covered with light snow
as it(the Canoe) slowly descends
under the morning sky


Too late

  • Too late

    Henry Jeong, Kienna Shaw

    For so long,
    We knew
    of how much it would take from us
    Of how we’ll be hurt,

    But I never came to realise the impact
    that this would have
    until I hurt you,

    I cried in pain,
    Shouting out as if this can’t be,
    in middle of the rain,
    As I tried to take my words back
    But it’s too late,

    I wish that I could go back time
    And change my mind
    To draw back the everything I said
    And turn the tide
    But even with millions of sorrys
    I know that it’s too late

    As I watch you walk away

    Never realized how deep of a scar
    this would leave
    Never thought how everything would turn out
    As if it’s day to night

    And just as I realised,
    I tried to apologise
    And unlocked your heart
    But it’s too late
    Sealed with chains and locks


Please stay

Please Stay

Henri Jeong

Standing in the cold, dark room
With you, all alone.
For so long, I waited for you
to penetrate through my shields of iron and steel,
Through days and nights,
to see you again
I remember how you’ve come through my dreams
but then you always left me again

It’ll be different this time

You blew me away when you gave a smile,
I just wish you’d stay for while
With very expression in your eyes,
blasting my mind into pieces~

Please stay
Don’t bid farewell
For so long, we’ve been apart
And we know that we must stay forever,
this way
So please stay



Henri Jeong

우리는 눈앞에
너무나 많은 두려움에 싸여있지
너무나 많은 걱정과 선택의 갈림길에

앞으로 가야할 길이
많을지도 몰라
가면서 절벽이 있을지
붉은 사막이 있을지
언제 나올지도 모를체로

두려워 하지마
한걸음 한걸음
다가가는 거야
아무리 세상이
모질게 다가오더라 하더라도
계속 나가야해


지금은 힘들지만
먼 훗날 저 산 정상에서
다시 돌아보면



Henry Jeong

Can you feel
The breeze of wind as you walk
Whispering to your ears
While cooling down your mind

And when you give a smile
As you walk with your hair blowing
I whisper and look into your eyes
While the sun is shining
You can’t see me but I do
From so far away

Even though I’m up north
I’ll be with you as a wind
That comes and goes
By your side

Even though we are so far away
from each other
I’ll be by your side
As the sun shines over us


Without you

Just a hundred days have passed
Yet it seemed as if I’m with grey hair
And nothing has changed
but me

Weary and broken
I’m as if standing in the cliff
With the wind blasting all over
And tempest brewing under
Why did you have to go?
And leaving me alone,
Being shattered of everything that I had
And with being alone
Now, I’m left shattered, losing everything I had
I always wish that I would be back to then
When you were there by my side
And walked til the morning in the silvery night (reference to All My Own from Les Miserables the Musical)
When it all seemed so happy and the joy would never die

And now I know that
Without you,
I’m nothing at all
Without you in my life
The sun will not rise
And the broken pieces will not mend Things will never be the same
Without you

It’s hard for me to breathe
Now as the regrets and covers
my throat
I slowly lose my control

As I slowly become a bomb

not knowing when to explode


Even as of now, I couldn’t deal with losing you
And I still see you in illusion
Right beside me smiling as I walk
Yet Just as I tried to reach out and take your hand
It disappears into the air




Henry Jeong, Kienna Shaw


When I look into the stars in night,

Tears cover my eyes

as I think of you


Everything we had

Is slowly fading into a distant dream,

Light years away from my reach/reality


And even if I see you

Passing by the street

I know that it’s nothing but an illusion


You’re so far away from me,

But is this, really over?



You’ll be always inside my heart

Through stars over the sky

And the rain in the morning

By day and night


Guided by the moonlight,

Someday our paths will cross again;

Guided by the constellations,

This love isn’t over


Verse 2:

I fall down,

feeling the hollow

that you left me deep inside my heart

Now everything I knew

feels strange

Because you’re not there,

And that this might be over


Of course,

Not everything ends in a happy-ending,

isn’t it?

But,I know that this isn’t over

And in the end, I will find you